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Our ADRENALINE camp module in Yverdon includes Water, Go Kart and Racket themed half days.

2x WATER FUN activities

During the week and weather allowing, you will have 2 Water Fun days. You will have great fun during activities such as banana boat, tubing, water skiing, wake-boarding, windsurfing…!

All activities are within easy driving distance. Our staff members will be on hand to help you and provide you with useful tips.

If the weather gets too cool during Spring and Autumn we replace the outdoor water activities like tubing and banana boat with indoor climbing or adventure park.

1x GO KART activity

One half day will be devoted to Go Karting. You will race your friends in a go-kart adapted to your age and size on a speedy outdoor track. Test your own agility and balance!

1x RACKET activity

The final ADRENALINE activity will have you playing a racket and ball game. This could be squash, tennis, badminton or swingolf depending on the week!

Our staff will be there to teach you the basics and organize cool tournaments.

When you are not participating in the ADRENALINE activities you will take part in all other camp activities.

Additional activity modules