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Extra language courses

Optional French or English courses are offered at Maxicamps.

Whether you need to work on a specific domain in the language or wish to exercise your pronunciation and communication abilities in small conversation groups, we have private tuition or extra conversation options to suit your personal requirements.

Conversation courses

Conversation classes are held in mini groups of approx. 8 students. Games, drama and role play will give you plenty of opportunities to express yourself.

These courses are scheduled at the end of the day and allow you to follow all main activities with your friends.

Private tuition

Do you have specific areas in the French or English language you wish to work on? Would you like private lessons with one of your teachers during your stay to improve faster?

It’s possible at Maxicamps!

A personalized schedule will be set with your teacher and will allow you to follow all main activities with your friends.

Intensive French courses

Should you wish to work more intensively on your French skills in Lausanne there is the possibility of taking five more lessons a week than the standard programme. That’s a total of 25 lessons a week. These additional classes are given generally at the end of the morning or end of the afternoon depending on the daily schedule.

Private tuition


1 teacher – 1 student

Conversation courses


in minigroup


I loved my stay in Yverdon. I learned a lot, especially orally during my 3 week stay!
I have to prepare for an exam when I get back home. I think I’m ready!